Do you AdBlue?

Do you Adblue?

What is Adblue?

If your diesel car is fairly new, you might have spotted a second smaller filler cap next to the main diesel filler.  If that cap is marked AdBlue, then your car is fitted with clever technology designed to reduce the emissions.  Many people are unware that the system is installed in their vehicle until a warning light appears.

Vehicle manufacturers are increasingly being bound by regulations brought about by environmental concerns.  The Euro 6 emissions standard came into force in 2016 and affect diesel cars in particular. To comply with the new rules, car makers have had to focus on minimising harmful nitrogen-oxide emissions.

Adblue is a solution of water and urea.  It is injected in microscopic quantities into the flow of exhaust gasses.  When this solution combines with exhaust gasses it breaks down the harmful gasses found in fumes from diesel exhausts.


Refiling Adblue

Usually refilling Adblue can be taken care of when your car undergoes its regular service.  However, if you cover more miles than most you may find your it needs refilling more often i.e. between services.  Always consult your vehicles handbook first but typically it’s quite a straight forward exercise.

Adblue is available from main dealerships, Halfords and from online retailers such as Amazon.  If you have a diesel vehicle and are unsure if it uses Adblue its worth consulting the manual and familiarising yourself with the refill procedure.  As Richard our MD found out to his peril, waiting for the warning light to come on doesn’t always give you enough warning before you run into difficultly…….


Richard still doesn't know where his AdBlue filler cap is!.....Don't be like Richard
Richard still doesn’t know where his AdBlue filler cap is!…

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