Treating Customers Fairly

Highland Vehicles Ltd T/A HV Motor Finance are committed to the principles of Treating Customers Fairly.  How best to serve our customers and deliver a service that meets our customer’s unique needs and expectations is at the core of how we operate as a business and is echoed by both directors and employees in all business activities.

We have considered how we can provide improved outcomes for our customers as a fundamental part of our business. We will demonstrate our commitment to our customers in the following ways;

  • market our products to meet the needs of identified groups of customers, and clearly set out the key attributes of products ensuring our documentation is clear, easy to understand ,not misleading and give a balanced view of the product;
  • regularly review sales activities to ensure our services meet our customers’ needs;
  • not sell inappropriate products;
  • obtain an understanding of the basic requirements of the customer, by conducting a thorough needs and wants investigation at the outset of any enquiry;
  • provide customers with clear information and keep them appropriately informed before, during and after the point of sale;
  • provide suitable advice to address the customer’s needs. This means that any products recommended must fit the customer’s financial circumstances and help the customer achieve their goals taking into account the various elements within car leasing;
  • to future-proof the products we sell as best we can by taking into account potential changes in our customers circumstances that may occur during the course of a financial agreement;
  • put in place and operate internal controls to police these principles, through after sales contact and customer feedback, regular staff meetings and acting on this feedback where appropriate;
  • to ensure all employees support the ethos of the company in Treating its Customers fairly and to not use incentives for salespeople that reward behaviour which is inconsistent and goes against any of the Treating Customers Fairly principles
  • to continually improve our service to customers through after-sales feedback and taking action to improve our service and systems wherever appropriate;
  • deal with complaints in accordance with regulatory rules and guidelines, ensure our responses are clear and easy to understand.

We are a finance broker, not a lender.   We  are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.