New ’17’ Plates for some lucky customers today ….

Did you know, the fear of the number 17 is called “heptadecaphobia”. Let’s hope that our customers who are taking delivery of their shiny new cars today with the new 17 plate on them, don’t have an aversion to the number!   There’s nothing like the excitement of buying a brand new car and congratulations to all of our customers who are having new vehicles, with the new 17 plate. Supposedly, it takes 17 muscles to make Read more

New Road Tax Rates from 1st April 2017

New Road Tax (VED /Vehicle Excise Duty) Rates – From 1st April 2017 Looming on the horizon is HMRC’s new road tax system. Vehicles registered after 1st April 2017 will be subject to the new rules.  Any vehicle registered before this date will not be affected in any way. The original tax system benefitted low CO2 emissions vehicles, but as there are more and more of these on the road, the Chancellor has received less Read more

Do you AdBlue?

Do you Adblue? What is Adblue? If your diesel car is fairly new, you might have spotted a second smaller filler cap next to the main diesel filler.  If that cap is marked AdBlue, then your car is fitted with clever technology designed to reduce the emissions.  Many people are unware that the system is installed in their vehicle until a warning light appears. Vehicle manufacturers are increasingly being bound by regulations brought about by Read more