Frequently Asked Questions

What type of agreement is best for me?
What is the difference between personal and business leasing?
What do I do about servicing and maintenance of the vehicle?
What is a Maintenance Package and what is included
What is the application procedure?
How much is delivery?
Do you take Part Exchanges?
I already have a vehicle on a Finance Agreement but want to change can I talk to you?
What happens at the End of the Agreement?
Can I reclaim Vat?
Do you charge any admin fees?
How do you earn your commission – do I pay you anything?
Who are you regulated by?
What if things go wrong – do you have a complaints handling procedure?
Where do your customers come from?
Which finance companies do you use?
What cars and vans do you supply?
Where do your cars and vans come from?
What if I need help during the agreement?
My car needs a service or new tyres – what do I do?
When is my deposit payable?
I have bad credit, can you help?